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Sabbath Re-eh, August 15, 2020

On Sabbath August 15 we will have services at 10:00 hrs again. Unfortunately we must take into account some restrictive conditions:
  1. When entering Shul you must disinfect your hands
  2. Visitors have to keep distance of one and half meter en to be seated on marked seats.Unmarked seats must be kept free.
  3. You are not allowed to shake hands to kiss mezzuzot or chamushim
  4. children under 12 are welcome when accompanied by their parents
  5. we strongly advice you a mouth-cap
  6. Only the chazzan is allowed to sing
  7. the Ba'al Koreh is the only one who stands on the bima. The oleh remains on his place and will say the brachot standing on his place
  8. People who do not feel well must remain at home
  9. If a contraction or a new outbreak of Corona will be signalled, the Shul will be closed.
Sabbath Shalom,
Rabbi Avraham Cohen