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There are more kinds of borders


jarenvijftigI get confused more and more. It came out that somebody who was officially declared dead was alive, as if he were in deep sleep. At the same time discussions are going on about euthanasia. Sometimes you hear voices again to reintroduce European borders, while at the same time people contemplate to abolish the mandatory vida for some countries. Many values that were absolute in the eyes of of our grandparents were considered as absolute, we consider as obsolute and even worthless in these days. At the same time we define borders that were not foreseeable in days of our grandparents, such as the division between church and state and religion personal and private, seculier normal and therefore setting a standard.


Dear reader, I understand that you think that I am confused. But I am! But am I confused or is Society as such footlose? What to do with such a confused and  erring society?

Why is the Exodus from Egypt so important in our Judaism? Every day we remember the Exodus from Mittzraim and the slavery. Pesach is the most complicated Holiday of the year.

Just the preparations did traumatize many housewives. No breadcrumb will be in our ownership. Completely exhausted we joined at a beautiful Seidertable. Still we have to wait for quite some time before dinner can start. We are talking about the slavery in Mitzraim. We show the Matzoth, but we still do not eat them. And when we drank one cup of wine in a leaning position we must wait for hours we start with the second cup. Rules, rules,and more rules.

The verbatim translation of Mitzraim  is borders. The Exodus form Mitzraim was more than 3300 years ago, but must done again now and every day. The breaking through borders. Not defining new borders and not nullifying old ones, but permanently watching the existing ones, protect and respect them and breaking bad ones.

But who defines the borderlines? One thing might be clear: Man not even modern Man is not capable for such a thing.

When talking about discrimination or not, or about the value of life and death, about good and evil, about judgment and verdict ... Of course Science advances enormously in many respects. Modern Man has a vast body of knowledge once unimaginable for lesser imaginative minds. Most certainly scientific result must be used as much as possible. Advancement of Sience can be a blessing. But what to do when technology and norms are cooming near? When etics and medical performance are confronting or even overlap?

Every human being, each according his or her level, must break borders continuously, get out Mitzraim look at him self in kosher mirror, to improve himself and to get on a higher spiritual level. However the development borders is destined by a Higher Authority. Man is too limited for this. The Hagada, the story about the Exodus from Egyptian slavery is the guide that gives you the tools how I can improve myself within certain clear limits.




Under onder condition I must be willing to open up for improvement, adaptation and maybe some constraints.

Where to this openness of mind or formalated differently: when do I not succeed? 

At this point we almost coma automatically at pride and arrogance. Only humble man is willing to watch at his border honestly and sincerely. Only humble man is able to

acknowledge his shortcomings and to repair them. matzes

That is the reason why we do not eat chameets during Pesach, chameets which did not rise. The matza is central as a symbol of modesty, to define the right borders

Eat the Matzoth healthy, bodily and spiritually!

Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs

Pesach 5777


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