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Two Shiurim for Pesach


Agoedas Jisraeel    

 The Netherlands


We invite you to attend two shiurim via Zoom on the occasion of Pesach.


For ladies and gentlemen

Wednesday evening second day Chol Hamoed Pesach.

18 nissan 5781 -  31 maart 2021
21.30 uur

Rav A. Katz,

Dean, New Gateshead seminary Gateshead, UK

           Are we really free?


For Gentlemen


Thursday Third day Chol Hamoed Pesach.


19 nissan 5781 -  1 april 2021

21.30 uur

Rav N. Kielski

Maggid shiur, Telshe Yeshive

Cleveland, USA

Going from the first to second day yom tov


Beide sjioeriem zijn te volgen via de link:


or call at

0031207947345 followed by: 7622863351
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