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Stichting tot Steun of the NIHS Limburg (English)

De Stichting tot steun van N.I.H.S. Limburg Foundation for supporting NIHS Limburg) acquired an ANBI-status i.e. it is eligible for tax deduction for its donators.

The foundation is established at 08-10-1992,  K.v.K. nr.: 41078438


Chair: Benoit Wesly, Born  August 10 1945 in Maastricht.

secretary/ treasurer: Johan van de Walle, born June 3, 1949 in Hilversum.

The board executes all necessary work for the Foundation. Their fees are nihil.

The aim of the foundation is give support to the N.I.H.S. Limburg. N.I.H.S. Limburg is the religious organisation proper.

of the the Jewish community in Limburg.

The policy plan of the foundation is to  manage the real estate owned by the Foundation.

This real estate exists of two synagogues and adjacent buildings. The rents are used for the maintenance of the buildings and the surplus is used for the support of of the activities of N.I.H.S. Limburg. Further income is generated by incidental donations.  The support plan is to be seen here (dutch only)The  financial statements 2016, 2017 and 2018 you will find under the button Docman in the left vertical menu.


Donations can be made on bank account NL04ABNA0420727221 or on bank account NL58ABNA0465210546

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