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Welcome to the Website of the Jewish Community of Maastricht

Welcome at the website of the Jewish Community of Maastricht. The website bilingual because of the composition of the Maastricht community and the visitors who often pass by.


Furthermore we reorganized our time schedules: one for the events in the Synagogue and another one for the lighting of candles. For last timeschedule we use the Chabad calendar which is localized for Amsterdam.


The website is mainly filled with calendars of the classes, services and holidays and some current news. People who want to publish some interesting news can deliver their texts, preferably without any editing makeup instruction or forms at email-address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Meanwhile we publish the articles of Chief Rabbi B. Jacobs on the website. You can find them under the button Shiurim of the main menu, such as the lesson about Pesach. We also want ask your attention for several actual events which are not shown at the home page but can be accessed under "News" menu button. Recently we added a lot of new photographs on the website and we also opened a Facebook page under the name of Joods Maastricht


With the button "Donate" you can donate very userfriendly with Ideal and Credit Card to the Jewish Community. Needless to explain why and how!



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